Everything you need to manage online testing.

Create/Subscribe Questions, create test, schedule test, take test and evaluate. Every activities in linked to agile business process and can be customized further.

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Create Quiz, Schedule Quiz, Evaluate and Analyze results. Very much in demand for educational institutions of all size, that needs immediate or periodic evaluation of their students, preparation/practice for higher education or job, for competitive exams practice and corporate training and evaluation

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Join with the growing network with the simple registration. With a real saas application, we provide instant start for the organization to create your own proprietary questions or subscribe to questions from our repository.


Build your closed community to publish and subscribe mechanism. You can manage everything transparent within the community with role based access control.


Collaborate your business roles by seggregating responsibilities like, create/manage questions, section/test creation, test scheduling and review results. Upon evaluation demonstrate the results performance, individual performance and analytics.


Completely customizable and can be integrated with any business domains for your localized needs. Save time and costs with improved efficiency without IT overheads.

ONE Platform, Unlimited Questions

Get your quiz account with simple registration for free. Plan your questions, publish them into marketplace. Create tests, schedule it to your target audience. Upon completion, instantly get your results done, evaluated and notified to adminstrators and users with dashboards

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Standard terms and conditions applicable. Minimum billing for 50 students applicable, Paid annually in advance. To be deducted as and when the test is taken. Topup required when the balance is below Rs 6000. Our price excludes applicable Taxes in respective countries. For more volumes and custom applications please call +91.996 2255 682 or write to sales@vyasaka.com

  • Profile
  • FREE monthly
  • Registration
  • Manage Questions
  • Students & B2C Provisioning
  • Manage Roles
  • Coach
  • starts fr. Rs 30 per test / per student
  • Profile +
  • Manage Tests & Schedules
  • Test Evaluation
  • Results Tracking
  • Access to free tests
  • School
  • starts fr. Rs 10 per test / per student
  • Profile + ERP*
  • Manage Tests & Schedules
  • Test Evaluation
  • Results updates to students & parents
  • Dashboards & Analysis
  • College
  • starts fr. Rs 15 per test / per student
  • Profile + ERP*
  • Manage Tests & Schedules
  • Test Evaluation
  • Results updates to students & parents
  • Dashboards & Analysis

* educationcentral ERP is a pre-requisite. Custom price applicable. Minimum no of tests per month required.

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